Traditional Catholic Grievance Fatigue

For us Catholics, we are going through a time in which there is a lot a person could complain about. But, I’m at a point where I’ve reached grievance fatigue and I’m starting to realize why. There’s nothing noble about the relentless habit of denunciation and the cycle of blame that we seem to be caught in. There’s nothing intellectually or morally heroic about pointing out how others have gone wrong. Anybody can point out the wrong answer. Very few can articulate the right answer. It’s easy to criticize what is not true, it’s not so easy to affirm what is true. And I get the temptation to respond this way. Anyone with any measure of intellect can look around at the world we live in and perceive injustice but there are a couple ways I think we can respond to that. We can do the difficult thing and, really, the only thing we have any ability to address which is to look at ourselves and address the ways we contribute to the evils of the world. Because if we’re honest with ourselves, every single one of us is guilty of the things we love to condemn in others.