#Lent: Why We Fast

My daughter recently asked me why she couldn’t have something she wanted. Her reasoning was that she liked it, therefore, she should be able to have it. I told her that just because you like something doesn’t mean it’s good for you. And that reminded me of old episodes of Star Trek that I saw as a kid. They had, on their ships, technology that could materialize any food for you just by asking for it. On the face of it, that technology seems like it would be an indisputable good. But, as we all know, there is good nutrition and bad nutrition and many of us, if we have unlimited access to bad nutrition, won’t be able to resist that temptation and this would be the danger in this kind of technology. At least right now, food costs us something and we have limited resources to access it. So, we have to balance our need for the nutrition that we need and the garbage that we desire with our limited financial ability to dedicate to either one. That puts somewhat reasonable limits on our bad food intake which when combined with our own will-power is a helpful limitation. But the kind of technology that exists in Star Trek would erase those limitations which would inevitably mean that obesity and the ill effects of eating things we shouldn’t would sky rocket. #dadjoke