Catholic Stuff You Should Know

Anxiety and Poverty

Entrusting to Him in all things

One Congregation

What you did to the least of these

Basil and Malachi EPs

The Art of Prayer


Beauty of the Feminine

Oil Can

Here to Serve

The Dwarf and Tragedian

Thy will be done

Promises of God

Living for His Promises

Baal and Asherah v. Mercy God

Trusting in a Merciful God

The Sacrifice of the Mass

The Interior Sacrifice

Jewish Roots

Living the Scriptures

Bacterial Scrupulosity

Our Holy Longing

Leviathan the Ancient Beast

Rising to a Different Life


The desire within

Spirit of the World

Learning to become obedient

Goebel, 4% Neanderthal

How we all came to be, a theory

Blessed Composure Disclosure

Re-imagining the Mountains of Scripture

David and Nathan

David and Nathan

Only the Lover Sings

Beholding true beauty

Beren and Lúthien

Truth portrayed in the story

Some Little Saints for 2020

The effect of small, seemingly insignificant, lives


Ordering life according to the Lord

Competition Cult

Fighting the need to win


Understanding Mary, the New Eve

God the Destroyer

The necessary step toward purification

Maladie Catholique

Finding Joy in the Catholic Life


Finding community throughout the liturgy

Mind the Gap

The gaping discrepancy.

Priest at the Bar

A special charism

The Meaning of Tradition

Passing on the Baton

Snow Day

A Joyful Interruption

A Diabolical Masterpiece

Now is the time to fight

Doctor, Doctor

Can you answer all the questions?


No Perfect Form(ation)

Twitch Upon a Thread

He is on the move

Fatted Calf or Forgiveness

Are you asking for ordinary or extraordinary?

Bring Back the Old Devotions

Calling all devotees

A Truer Apology

It's never too late to apologize

Mass Chaos

Let the children come

Once in a Lifetime

Kissing the frog... goodbye

Newman's Notes

The theologian's set list

Farewell Ideology

reclaiming people, reclaiming culture


To live out of a radical yes.

There's No U in Me

Anything worth talking about


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